How I Reduce the Bounce Rate of My eCommerce Site?

How to reduce e-commerce bounce rate?

How to reduce e-commerce bounce rate?

Some common reasons people are leaving the shopping cart..

1) Complex and equally lengthy checkout process

How I troubleshoot that?

  • Extensive level of impartial usability analysis required based on analytics data
  • Fair analysis required on each and every step
  • Tone down unnecessary elements
  • Focus should be on clear and easily visible call-to-actions
  • Select and setup correct shopping cart/ecommerce software

2) Site is lacking trustworthiness

How I troubleshoot that?

  • Collect reviews or testimonials from real customers; publicize good ones through landing pages and work around the bad ones to fix issues (if any) with the site
  • Advertise properly all the achievements that the site has received from any other authority figures
  • Setup right coordination in between sales and marketing team; check customer service process

3) Asking for too much personal info during a mandatory registration process before purchase

How I troubleshoot that?

  • Focus should be on simplicity; fewer the clicks to capture any lead, the better
  • If not essential then let the people come in and complete the purchase without filling any long registration form

4) Items are highly priced or at least much higher than competitors

How I troubleshoot that?

  • Compare prices with closest competitors and then set the standard accordingly
  • Write compelling stories and ad copies about how the product/service is going to facilitate the visitor
  • Focus should be on “benefit” first and then describe the “feature” i.e., the USP of product/service

5) Giving away too many options for the visitors

How I troubleshoot that?

  • Use cookie to collect info about a visitor and use it while defining the buyer persona
  • Offer free stuffs tactically like free shipping or discount on bulk purchase etc.
  • Don’t feed the visitors with too many options, sometimes that’ll confuse rather convince them since comparison shopping may encourage them to change mind at the very last moment and ultimately step back from purchase by saving items for later purchase.

Adequate testing required before and after making of these changes in order to identify which one is the responsible for improvement in bounce rate.

The whole process will surely take some time however not all that difficult to execute!


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