Optimized Web Design – Design for SEO

SEO and web design..

{Designing pages without compromising with UI and UX} + {Web design best practices (or latest trends)} + {SEO best practices (or latest trends)} › {Win-win situation for all}.

Designing for SEO


{Advanced technology} › {Growing web usage} › {SEO best practices evolves}


{Latest website design trends} › {Parallax, Responsive etc.} › {HTML5 design}

However the point of concern is..

{User experience} › {Easy to understand site architecture} › {Intelligent usage of simple but effective accessibility features}


{Primary SEO concern} › {Satisfy both users and search engines} › {Improve SEO campaign outcome}


Responsive design is Google’s recommended method for multi-device designing.


We should always start designing pages with the end user in mind.

We must know, making which changes to the website causing fluctuations in goal conversions.

This is why everybody should think strategically at the time of website design.
Otherwise, website design choices can help or hurt the SEO efforts.

Simply, one cannot ignore the fact that, accessibility and website architecture are still important considerations for selecting the design method.

The focus should be on helping out both users and search engines so that they can understand properly and digest quickly the content they need.


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