Before going forward, I’d like to state that, this blog (incl. individual posts) is based on my personal belief or judgment and in no way is trying to make extravagantly or pretentiously imposing statements on the way anything should be.

I will be trying to educate myself first and then the others (normal readers of my blog posts) about various elements of each field from my own list of interest, based on my experiences. Even so, reiterating that, I’m in no way trying to hinder anybody’s personal views in case they differ from those stated in the published blog posts till date.

All the metaphors, stats, facts, and images etc. are things (all that have been utilized while publishing a post) I think interrelate, and if anybody think they don’t feel so – then please do let me know in the comments or messages with proper explanation so that others (incl. myself) should have the correct knowledge.

I suppose It often and repeatedly helps us all (the readers, search engines, and me of course)  if they have correct references for getting clear or deep perception about a topic.


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