I Love You Gmail

I love you Google mail!

Well, usually my English is good. And most of the times, after clicking on the send button, I found typos (incl. grammatical errors) within my emails. So embarrassing!

I often overlooked those mistakes while writing since the concentration was on the actual message and not on the way of writing and typing. Sadly, all those silly mistakes are being overlooked before dispatching the messages.

On top of that, I’ve a bad habit, reading email matter after pressing the send button. Watching my own mistakes haplessly is so frustrating. I wish I could have withdrawn those.

Then the “Undo” timers feature comes as a gift to me from team Gmail. Simply, it gives me the opportunity (up to a certain time obviously) to stop sending messages until I could take back some part of my email. Now, I’m in more comfort zone while writing emails without thinking much about any other things. I’ve now more control on editing the messages even after clicking on the send button.

A good user experience indeed! :-)

Magnificent 7 for App UX Design

7 pillars of app UX design per my understanding till date..


Since user is the first word of UX, hence think always from user’s perspective and not from your marketing/selling point of view. After all, happy user is the breed who eventually generates ROI for your app otherwise simply, bye-bye!


Analyze the route starting from scratch and up to end goal in order to tracing out the easiest way for accomplishing the app build-up task. Think about a flow chart or something comprehensive visual representation of a project cycle so that you could easily eliminate all the unwanted complexity around your app.


You cannot make it perfect however the goal should be – building an app as perfect as possible from both technically and non-technically. For that, you must conduct some extensive psycho-graphic study of your target audience – individuals or communities.


If you’re coming from print media or your app has a twin belongs to print media in form of newspaper, magazine etc. then, keep them as identical as possible otherwise users may easily get confused.


Before making the app live, check thoroughly its compatibility and portability across all possible devices – at least do it on majors otherwise any silly mistakes (often overlooked during development phase) could make users unhappy.


Often see that, a user (more with any new user) is facing difficulty while not very familiar with the app interface. So, providing them a to-the-point guide or something like tip on each and every step could be a very good idea. This is especially helpful when you’re planning to launch a beta version of the app.


Keep the whole thing simple. Make the whole thing more user friendly by staying within your limitations and budget. Try to avoid unnecessary complexity. Don’t try to over-optimize anything. Otherwise the blessings could become curse on your app.

Airtel 4G LTE Review

Airtel 4G LTE review:

Well, as I expected, at the beginning – it was really good.

I opted the 999 plan (10 GB @ 4G speed and after that unlimited @ 2G speed) – which costs me around Rs. 1100/month

I’ve downloaded John Ritter’s “Problem Child” movie series (size over 2 GB) through torrent – it took nearly 30 minutes or so!

Sounds good.. Oh man!


After 1/2 months of service, they have updated the “4G usage check” page and then it would become harder to find the details about exact usage data – no response from their CCD either

I repeatedly asked for paper bills from the very beginning – even got the assurance however not received anything after first month and later even not acknowledged by their CCD

After 10 GB (I mean once you’re done with their 4G limit) – just oh my god! Result is elementary – the 4G unlimited plans becomes easily to a limited plan; I mean one have to keep an eye always on the 4G limit – just imagine

I do not want to talk anything about the cost – simply too much expensive

I didn’t see more than 2 antennas that denoting connectivity – occasionally the third one appeared in my locality

Sometimes, I couldn’t even connect to their network – get automatically disconnected and I need to click on the connect button repeatedly in order to avail the service.

It’s too much relying on areas where you’re actually using their service – some areas doesn’t falling at all under their 4G service territory; how frustrating

Customers have less flexibility over selection of plans – after 5 GB plan, straight 10 GB; no option for customization

The 4G devices are basically made in china – sad but true!

I was such an idiot – after all its Airtel.

Its amazing when I look back and try to think what are the pros based on which I selected Airtel 4G?

I’m wondering – no pros as such in my mind as of now

It sucks!

Airtel 4G LTE.. sorry dear.

I Trust You

I’m just thinking about the way we’re communicating nowadays with both search engines and visitors through our websites. I mean, digital space is now evolving rapidly and browsing behavior of end users is changing at the same time. So search bots have to become more intelligent in order to keep pace with these changes.

While competition becomes fierce and competing in an open market then one of the most important things is building trust with both search engines and visitors through our online web presence.

High trust

= low bounce rate

= high average visit duration

= implies good user experience

= implies good CTR

= implies search engines are behaving the way user want

= saving time in finding desired result

= everybody is happy

= perfect for all (the overall online environment)

= visitors are willing to refer the service (or become a returning/loyal customer)

= low maintenance/advertising cost for sustaining web presence

= improved ROI

Influential factors in building ethical online relationship –

  • Obtain a security seal (well-known only) for delivering anti-phishing message to both crawlers and visitors
  • Show stability by registering the domain for longer period of time
  • Get listed (acquire back-links – NOT PAID) in the top authoritative directories from niche industry
  • Reserve a dedicated IP – a dedicated hosting space
  • Maintain unique and single business/contact information throughout the web

So, building trust is essential for success of any online business (proved)!

Google Search Query String Length

Okay! This is quite astonishing to me.

While working, found that, Google is allow query strings only to 32 words.

Google Search Query String Length

Precisely, I’m getting this message from Google on SERP – “example” (and any subsequent words) was ignored because we limit queries to 32 words. Bing does not have as such any limitations I’m assuming since not receiving any message.

On another note, Google is showing 6 results whereas the number for Bing is 3. And only 1 result is common in between them. Hmm!

Oh! I’m searching from India and don’t think that has any effect on search results.

SEO De Facto for the Website Owners

SEO de facto for the internet business owners..

  1. SEO is continuously evolving
  2. Google also constantly upgrading its system
  3. Being dynamic is the only static concept in digital space
  4. SEO is not voodoo – true SEO professionals are not The Pied Piper of Hamelin Story
  5. Everybody (incl. you and your competitors) are working on same goal at the same time
  6. Focusing on link building – only when and where it matters
  7. Build your brand – utilize every possible way
  8. Prepare yourself first for the eligibility test and then think about the competition
  9. The concept of hiring agencies and paying for SEO services become effect less
  10. There is nothing called SEO exist anymore

Try to understand all these otherwise you’ll be beaten well before even participating into the race.

As a business owner, the more quickly you have the realization the more easily you’ll be able to adjust yourself during transition of mind.

The problem is – business owners have no clear idea about the situation which is changing rapidly. The result – majority of them still believe it’s as easy as it used to be decades ago. So for business owners, that ought to be enough to select SEO services / hire agencies for instant result.

So take it or leave it!

Intersecting Tweet – Tussle in between SEO and Legal

A letter to the CEO from a SEO with love! :-)


As you know that, most of the websites data/function either updated by the developer or direct by client. And in both cases, they just forget to take webmaster’s note before execution. So, if anything falls apart, then it would be difficult to trace out the root-cause timely for any webmaster (irrespective of the site’s size and regular monitoring).

Something on this regard.. just go through the Tweets (https://twitter.com/mattcutts/status/469937783495081984).

I’m feeling awesome, when I came to know about this on a pro’s blog (http://www.seobook.com/building-legal-moat-your-seo-castle) and realized how significant a webmaster’s role is becoming every day. Anyways, I wanted to bring your kind attention onto this and hoping that we’re well protected.


SEO (really!)