Adwords Quality Score Factors

Side notes on quality score stride..

Adwords Quality Score Factors

1. Use site extensions :– Features like, sitelinks, call extensions, and location extensions. PLA’s (product listing ads) for ecommerce sites – not look like ads and a separate block incl. pricing details and product images makes them separate from others

2. Brand terms :– Focusing on such keywords are low hanging fruits; lower maintenance cost (CPC) but higher return on investment (good CTR and great Quality Score)

3. Benefit-feature model :– Project the benefit for the searcher first and explain the feature later about the services/products you’re offering to the world through the ads! Use the word FREE very carefully as people tends towards free stuffs – as a result will just end up with paying only for clicks without any conversions from those clicks.

CTR is important and must be keep higher in order to improve the quality score and that’s it!

Google Adwords Quality Score Tips

Quality Score is an indicator of Google AdWords success.

The equation..

Quality score = Estimated calculation of how relevant your ads, keywords, and landing page are


High quality score = Useful to someone searching for specific service/product

Useful to someone searching for specific service/product = Happy customer

Happy customer = Easily finds exactly what s/he’s looking for

Easily finds exactly what s/he’s looking for = Great user experience

Quality Score in Adwords

Great user experience can help you to earn high quality score!

High quality score = More relevant ads

More relevant ads = Likely to earn more clicks

Likely to earn more clicks = Get higher position on SERP

Get higher position on SERP = Adds more success

After all, AdWords is about accomplishing its intended purpose (i.e., generating positive ROI)!

Quality score is on keywords, scaled from 1 to 10. AdWords system recalculates QS every time before ad auction to see whether the ad is eligible or not for appearing on SERP.

Determining quality score is dependent on..

  1. Expected click through rate of keywords
  2. Ad relevance
  3. Landing page experience
  4. Account history
  5. Association of keywords with ads
  6. Association of keywords with search terms
  7. Geo-targeting
  8. Targeted devices
  9. Network preference and performance over there

Poor quality score has adverse effect on..

  1. Ad auction eligibility
  2. Keyword’s actual CPC
  3. Keyword’s first page bid estimate
  4. Position of ad
  5. Qualified for ad extensions

Bottom line is..

High quality score = Better ad position @ lower cost = Adds more success

Quality score is a factor in Google AdWords.

AdWords Auction and Ad Rank

The formula..

Ad rank = Max CPC bid + Quality score

Here, Quality score = Outstanding ads + Great keywords + Relevant landing pages

So, the revised formula..

Ad rank = Competitive bid + High quality score


There is another component that has been added while calculating ad rank every time before any Adwords auction take place.

the expected impact from your ad extensions and formats ~ Google

The more attractive ad format the more chance for getting clicks on SERP.

Clever and logical use of ad extensions and format

= Higher level of relevancy + Improved click through rates + Probability of attracting (and fulfilling needs) visitors on SERP

= Ads are become more relevant to a user’s intent and context

= Users will be (most possibly) to respond to the ads

= Win-win situation (for both advertiser and searcher)

= Google is the best!


Google Adwords Auction Insights

Ad rank = Competitive bid + High quality score + Start using ad extensions to increase likelihood of improved CTR (ad performance)

AdWords Auction and Ad Rank both have to be revamped frequently by Google (a prediction!) to improve the overall PPC performance in near future.

Drama in Grammar

Drama in grammar..

Oxford comma
…red, green, and blue…
The last comma from a serial (or series of 3 or more terms) of commas is known as oxford comma.
The usage is optional and has some ambiguity.
Oxford comma is also known as Harvard comma.

i.e. and e.g.
i.e. = id est (Latin) = that is
e.g. = exempli gratia (Latin) = for example

Okay, a good grammar exercise for me.

Pay-Per-Click Online Advertising

So simple yet so complex..

Pay Per Click Advertising

Successful PPC campaign = better return on investment

Ingredients of the equation..

Paying close attention to account structure
Choosing relevant keywords
Writing engaging ads
Building relevant landing pages with compelling content
Tracking the campaign performance

So simple yet so beautiful..

PPC campaign = combination of five fountains (account structure + keywords selection + writing ad copies + designing landing pages + conversion tracking) of success

Combination of five fountains of success = better ROI

Better return on investment = successful PPC campaign

So simple yet so complicated!

Functional Requirements for Optimizing PPC Campaigns

Simple steps to spraining stones..

PPC Campaign Optimization

Given below my latest realization upon reviewing the process of optimizing PPC campaigns; would like to blend each of the following points with my existing work methodology in order to making it more sound.

Be Always Temperate

Raking higher doesn’t necessary means better ROI always; stick to your own strategy for maximizing profit.

Relevancy Is The Key

The more you’ll able to combine ads, keywords, and landing pages with each other, the more easily you reach out to your target audience.

When Theme Mets Navigation

Designing campaign such a fashion so that your site navigation do properly reflect; try to organize the entire campaign as tightly as possible without menacing with logic.

Test, Test, & Experiment

Don’t be shy when it comes to experiment, simply because there is always some room for improvement.

It’s Expensive

The process is expensive so need extensive level of data analysis before any execution as such otherwise no purpose of keeping close eye on conversion rates and cost of conversions.

These are all important and could be useful to optimize your PPC campaigns.

Common PPC Campaign Mistakes

Common mistakes by uncommon people..

I know that using PPC is an excellent way to drive traffic. Since it can be expensive, so need to handle with care.

It’s all about how much one know and how smartly s/he can manage campaigns.

Avoid Common PPC Mistakes to Maximize Campaign Performance

Mistakes are obvious even though taking precaution has to be in place and ready for the alternatives in order to sustain PPC campaign.

  1. Grouping keywords incorrectly or no theme at all
  2. No strategic planning behind choosing the keywords match type
  3. Ignore the power of negative keywords
  4. My favorite one – key decisions are not data driven
  5. Ignore brand terms and competing only on generic search terms
  6. Not specifying the campaign end date – means unsure about the life time of any campaign (or customer)
  7. Shaky while experimenting stuffs to achieve optimum results
  8. Not enough homework about competitors
  9. PPC is not any black magic for any money making machine – it’s a blend of pure art and science which requires skilled personal
  10. Become biased when fault lying within own process and not with others

I’m still trying to overcome some of these and trying to do some measured experiment while working. “I know everything” attitude will only harm your performance and not bring out anything positive from PPC campaigns.

So, how to optimize a PPC campaign? Well, I’m still searching for the perfect answer! Till then, own your critical and costly mistakes. :-)